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Bio fuels save environment by reducing carbon emission, is economical and dosen’t depletes natural resources.




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Welcome to Indian Biofuels Corporation

INDIAN BIOFUELS CORPORATION is a company owned by INDIAN BIOFUELS CORPORATION (IBFC) a unit of IBFC India Pvt Ltd., one of largest private sector companies. It is based in BIHAR , JAHARKHAND & UTTAR PRADESH and has interests in the downstream oil business.


The company is incorporated in January 2019 under the name of Indian Biofuels Corporation a unit of IBFC India Pvt Ltd under GSTIN Number:- 10AAFCI5459PIZ8 and CIN No:- U23209BR2020PTC045003 and Registration No:- 45003 was engaged primarily in core sector activities, including pipeline laying,machinery fitting with all setup.

IBFC response to the serious environmental and health hazards arising out of the various polluting emissions casing our environment. The sole proprietor of the organization proposed a journey for the present society at large from the present polluted and harmful environment back to the green and pure environment as it was ages before. He thought of developing an alternative source of energy that can reduce pollution levels in our country, organic in nature. Soon his thought were materialised into action when the idea/concept of manufacturing Biodiesel Processing Plants crystallized. This marked the beginning of our organization

The fuelling experience at fuel stations in India has been always been a pain point for bulk customers (fleet owners, construction equipment owners, agriculture and farm machinery owners etc). A normal day in a fuel station entails long queues, fuel adulteration and poor handling by operators, leading to increased driver downtime, which in turn, increases operating costs, thus impacting productivity. The way we fuel our vehicles hasn’t changed in years.

IBFC, dispensing outlet right at the premise of any user who needs a constant fuel supply for their own consumption. With the on-premise delivery of fuel, IBFC saves the time and money spent in travelling to diesel pumps, and also gives full fuel control and accountability to the user.

IBFC gives you a BEST performance when compared to the regular diesel available in the market. gives a better pick-up, a quicker ignition, increased power and torque and a better mileage, way-surpassing even the premium diesels on the road.